Beyond Bordeaux

Beyond Bordeaux: Bargain French Wines

Many of the world’s most legendary wines come from opulent chateaux in Bordeaux or ancient heirloom vineyards in Burgundy. The majority of these wines may be more costly than the average wine lover is willing to spend except perhaps for special occasions. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying wines from France. This is a diverse country, producing wines in all styles and prices. In fact, wine lovers have long cherished the Languedoc region of France for its interesting blends and affordability.

Maybe we’ll taste some Rhone red blends, which could be a combination of up to 22 different grapes! Or maybe some sweet smelling white wines from Alsace where German winemaking traditions play a strong part in determining styles. In this class we’ll stay away from the stuffy, aristocratic regions, and instead introduce you to French wines that are more playful, inventive, and affordable.

TICKETS $29/person