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Did you know that the climate and soil of Delaware and our surrounding region is very similar to that of Bordeaux? Make no mistake, quality grapes are being grown here and outstanding wines are being produced in our area, with our grapes. Harvest Ridge Winery is proud to be an East Coast Winery, producing excellent wines made from local grapes.

** Update: Due to COVID-19, wine will only be sold for takeout and delivery until further notice. Glasses of wine (including Happy Hour) and wine flights will resume when life returns to “normal”. Please CALL (215-627-9463) OR FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW so we can have it ready for you.

Wine delivery is available to select zip codes in Philadelphia.  Within Old City delivery fees will be based on the number of bottles ordered: 1-3 bottles $7,  4-6 bottles $10,  7-12 bottles $15. Outside of Old City a $20 delivery fee will apply for UP TO 1 case (12 bottles) of wine.

Barbera   [750mL Bottle $25]
Dry, complex red with soft, balanced tannins. Like a typical Italian Barbera, there are dark fruit flavors like blackberry and plum. However, one can also detect eucalyptus and dried cherry on the palate.
Recommended Pairing: Pasta in Red Sauce, Bruschetta

Blue Hen Blue   [750mL Bottle $17]
A slightly sweet red, blueberry wine that has a rich blueberry character with hints of candied fruit. It is reminiscent of a blueberry cobbler in smell and flavor, with a light tartness on the palate.
Recommended Pairing: Peanut Butter Popcorn, Hot wings, Burgers

Cabernet Sauvignon  [750mL Bottle $25]

Cabernet-Merlot    [750mL Bottle $25]   OUT OF STOCK
65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Merlot blended together for a rich, red wine. On the nose, aromas of cherry pit, black currant, and plum are very apparent. These dark fruit flavors are then matched by a slight smoke and oak finish.
Recommended Pairing: Steak, Lamb, Rich Stews

Chambourcin    [750mL Bottle $17]
Medium body wine with aromas of raspberry, licorice, and cedar. This Chambourcin is dry and has dark fruit flavors that are matched with soft tannins and a slightly spicy texture.
Recommended Pairing: Pasta, BBQ, Grilled Meats

Chamfort    [750mL Bottle $25]
Dessert wine made from the local Chambourcin grape and fortified to 18% alcohol, similar to a ruby port style wine. There are chewy blackberry jam flavors backed by hints of chocolate, butterscotch, and caramel.
Recommended Pairing: Dried Fruits, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mousse

Country Bloom    [750mL Bottle $16]
Some wines have their time and place…….we think this is a wine you can drink anytime and anywhere; a fun and vibrant blend of fresh raspberry and black cherry juices with a bit of sweetness to offset the natural cherry-berry tartness. The color of this wine even complements a Solo cup, we won’t judge!!

Malbec    [750mL Bottle $30]
A lighter style malbec produced using Old World methods. There are abundant black cherry and plum notes with hints of smokey tobacco and rich mocha.
Recommended Pairing: Pasta in red sauce, Roasted Poultry

Portella    [750mL Bottle $22]
A white port made from the aromella grape. The acids meld with the sugar to make for a sweet dessert wine. Dried apricot and honey flavors can be noted.
Recommended Pairing: Pork, Chicken, Dark Chocolate, Blue Cheese

Red #47    [750mL Bottle  $18]
An unoaked, red blend that has abundant red and black fruit flavors like plum and cherry, with hints of peppercorn spice. The fruitiness makes for a tart, yet smooth finish.
Recommended Pairing: Pizza, Burgers, Wings

Sangria    [375mL Cans  $9]
Red Sangria is a wonderful blend of Chambourcin and juices of berries, watermelon and pomegranate. Served in a convenient can… perfect for boating, beach and bonfires! Each can is half a bottle of wine (or 2 glasses of wine!)

Viognier    [750mL Bottle  $25]

  • Delivery available in Philadelphia city limits. $25 flat delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.

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