I know, it sounds ridiculous, but if you have the chance to plan your outfit before you have a night out where you know you will be drinking plenty of wine, take into account the following factors:

  • Will you be drinking red, white, or both? This is the most important factor for determining your outfit.

If you’re drinking white, wear whatever the hell you want. If it spills, there won’t be stains. If you’re drinking red, wear black. The last thing you want to do is ruin a beautiful dry-clean only silk blouse (unless you’ve got a pocket size bottle of Wine Away!). If you’re not sure, err on the dark side or bring some Wine Away with you.

  • How much wine will you be consuming?

If you “drink responsibly,” go ahead and wear the highest heels you can walk in. If it’s going to be “one of those nights,” stick to flats or the lowest heel possible. Or, wear your heels at the beginning of the night and pack a pair of flats for later in your purse. You don’t want to be that woman teetering down the sidewalk in stilettos, barely able to walk. Nor do you want to be falling down and waking up the next morning with U.D.I’s (unidentifiable drunken injuries), ripped stockings, and rug burn. #3rdworldproblems

  • Will someone be photographing you, and if so, will those pictures be posted on social media?

If so, be careful of getting red wine residue on your teeth and lips, a.k.a: “merlot mouth.” You can pick up a pack of Pearly Wipes at Pinot to take care of that; they’re a small container with 20 peppermint flavored wipes inside to get rid of all that red wine evidence.

Besides red wine residue on your teeth, think about lip color. Wear a long lasting lipstick that does not come off easily to avoid getting lipstick all over the rim of your glass. Yuck (But at least everyone will know that it’s your glass, and stay far away from it!). You can always go ahead and use a little straw (apparently there are now “wine straws” on the market), but whether or not you want to be seen sucking wine through a straw in public is up to you. Hey, I don’t judge. Ain’t no shame in the game ladies. Anyway, if you do not use a straw, go matte and skip the sticky gloss until you’re finished drinking.

As for your outfit, wear something that looks good from the waist up. Dinner/bar pics are usually of peoples top halves. Think “class picture;” good hair, makeup (as discussed above), and jewelry-statement pieces usually photograph well due to high visibility.

  • Do you get warm easily?

Alcohol and body heat from your friends (or whoever you’re obligated to hang out with that day/evening) will warm you up in no time. Wear layers to avoid being uncomfortable if you get hot easily; a shell and a cardigan are always a safe bet. Basically, avoid wearing anything that will give you pit-stains and make you uncomfortable.  If you’re always cold, you have nothing to worry about because you’ll just get warmer!

Enjoy your wine!
– written by Anna Malcolm