Did you know that there is currently a social media campaign promoting the month of October as “Merlot Month”?  No?  Now you do!  All month long, you can participate by drinking your favorite Merlot and sharing posts & pictures of it using the hashtag, #MerlotMe.  The campaign has really taken off.  In fact, it even has its own website, http://www.merlot.me/.

Merlot is an extremely popular varietal, and with over 600,000 acres of Merlot grapes planted worldwide, it’s one of the most widely planted.  Merlot is such a versatile wine.  It pairs well with just about anything.  If you’re still not sure about which foods to have with it, consider asking one of our expert staff members at Pinot Boutique, or if you’re like me, you can do your own search on the internet.  Google, here I come!  A quick search brought up a number of sites, but two that really stood out were “Which Foods Match Best with Merlot?” and “Guide to Merlot Wine Taste and Food Pairing”.

If you’re looking for a new Merlot to try out, during your Hunt for Red October, come to Pinot Boutique.  We carry an excellent Merlot from Pinnacle Ridge Winery.  This soft, medium-bodied Merlot has wonderful dark fruit aromas of ripe plums.  It is bursting with fruit, vanilla, and exotic spices and it’s a perfect accompaniment to your favorite Italian foods.  In your hashtagging frenzy for “Merlot Month”, in addition to using the #MerlotMe hashtag, I have a few others you can add in there such as #YouHadMeAtMerlot and #PinotBoutique!  We’ll be indulging this “Merlot Month” also and we will be sure to share pictures and posts on our social media pages, too.  Cheers!