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Red Wine

For red wine lovers, we have a variety of options including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin (a local favorite!), Sangiovese (think Chianti), Cabernet Franc and more. Browse our selection for all the details.

White Wine

Crisp, sweet, buttery - we have it all when it comes to white wine. Shop our selection from local wineries including Chardonnay, Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc and more.


Rose´ all day! Shop everyone's favorite spring and summer wine from local wineries. We have sweet, semi-sweet, dry and sparkling - a Rose´ no matter what your mood!

Sparkling Wine

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles! We are big fans of sparkling wines and we have a great selection! Many are made in the traditional Champenoise Method, just like a sparkling wine from Champagne, France.

Auburn Road Vineyards

Out of Pilesgrove, NJ, Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery is the Garden State’s foremost purveyors of Good Karma, terrific wine, peace and well being. Not only do they offer wine varietals unique to the Two Bridges Wine Trail, they offer wines with the best names you’ll ever see!

Harvest Ridge Winery

Did you know that the climate and soil of Delaware and our surrounding region is very similar to that of Bordeaux? Make no mistake, quality grapes are being grown here and outstanding wines are being produced in our area, with our grapes. Harvest Ridge Winery is proud to be an East Coast Winery, producing excellent wines made from local grapes.

Hawk Haven Vineyard

The Hawk Haven story begins back in 1940 when Johan Felix Wuerker traveled from Germany to Cape May, New Jersey and purchased the land that would one day become a vineyard and winery. Three generations later the farmland was still in the family and it became Todd Wuerker’s turn to choose something to plant. The youngest of three sons, Todd and his older brother Ken planted the first grapevines, Cabernet Sauvignon, in 1997 before he was even of the legal drinking age.

Paradocx Vineyard

As the first winery to offer their wines at Pinot Boutique, Paradocx Vineyard's ‘Paint Can’ wines are a favorite among our customers. As a more playful, more attractive version of boxed wine the paint cans provide 3L of wine in one convenient, travel-friendly container. The vineyard itself is owned and operated by the Hoffman and Harris Families. The name of the winery is a play on words, as the four principles are practicing physicians (Pair of Docs).

Pinnacle Ridge Winery

Pinnacle Ridge Winery, situated in the heart of idyllic “Pennsylvania Dutch Country,” use only locally grown grapes are used to make our sparkling and table wines. The winemaking philosophy at Pinnacle Ridge is one of minimal intervention using traditional methods. This approach ensures that the unique flavors produced in our vineyards are retained and showcased in our award-winning wines. Pinot Boutique is proud to offer there delicious wines!

Rebel Seed Cider

Rebel Seed runs against the grain. In a mass-produced world, we’re returning the quality, vitality and sense of place to hard cider. Others start with concentrate; we start with the seed. We believe in knowing our farmers. We believe in nurturing the soil. We know where every apple that goes into our cider came from. We’ve laid eyes on every single tree. We are evangelists for quality, and we’re rebellious about what it takes to make great cider. Every cider we make starts with the seed.