With each passing day, we see more and more signs that Summer is just around the bend. The Summer solstice is a turning point, both literally and figuratively speaking. It signifies new life and new beginnings. The tilt of the Earth now brings us beautiful weather. We emerge from our Winter funk and head outside more often. I am a summer baby at heart, but Spring is definitely my second favorite season…a very close second. The weather gets warmer, each day is just a little bit longer, and flowers and trees are in bloom. Love is in the air, but what is in your wine glass?

Pinot Boutique offers an array of wines from two local wineries. Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery has some excellent wines for Spring. Try their Sole, Pinot Grigio, or Give Peach a Chance. You won’t be disappointed. Paradocx Vineyard also has a selection of light wines to suit just about any occasion, including their extremely popular T wine.

If you a planning trip to the beach, a picnic in the park, or a barbecue with friends and family, Pinot has the wine and all the accessories you may need. We really do offer you everything and the grape. Come see for yourself!