I recently had the pleasure of visiting Paradocx Vineyard in Landenberg, PA.  For those of you familiar with Pinot Boutique, you already know some of the fabulous wines from Paradocx.  They are the “paint can” wines and the makers of the ever-popular T-wine.

I have been to Auburn Road a number of times.  I have gone on their tour, done tastings, and been to a number of their “What’s for Dinner Fridays”, which I highly recommend you check out.  Of the three wineries we sell at Pinot, Auburn Road is the closest to my house so it’s easy for me to get there.  And Scott, Jules, and all the other folks at Auburn Road really go all out.  They stop and take the time with each guest.  They even invited the Pinot staff down there for a private tour and tasting last Spring.  We had a blast!!

I’ve been dying to check out Paradocx and Pinnacle Ridge just so that I can say I have firsthand experience with each of the wineries.  I arrived at Paradocx in the early afternoon on a Saturday.  I was in the area for a friend’s wedding, so I decided to stop by on my way home.  I’m so glad I did!  It was bustling with activity.  The sights, sounds, and smells of Fall were all around.  Pulling in the parking lot, we passed the pumpkin patch and cornfield maze – super fun and kid-friendly for those of you looking for unique things to do with your little ones.  You really should check out their A-Maze-ing Harvest Adventure.

The staff at Paradocx was knowledgeable and welcoming…and when I mentioned that I work at Pinot, they gave me the royal treatment.  Well, not really, but they treated me to the “friends and family” discount.  They don’t do tastings.  Instead, they offer wine flights.  You choose your flight based on your preference.  We selected 2 different red flights and thoroughly enjoyed them!  The flights are very generous pours so the two of us were able to share.  The glasses are presented on a wooden rack that has a card behind each wine that explains the body, aroma and flavors you’ll experience as you sample.  It’s brilliant!  What a great way to taste some of the Paradocx wines that we don’t carry at Pinot, since we do not have them all.

So, I’ve been to two out of three.  I can’t wait to make a trip out to Pinnacle Ridge to see their facility!  I’m hoping I’ll be able to get there sometime this Fall.  You should definitely check out all 3 wineries, Auburn Road, Paradocx, and Pinnacle Ridge.  Tell them we sent you!

Of course, you can also come in to Pinot for a tasting of the great wines these wineries offer also.  Cheers!