White Wine

White wine flavors can vary from a fresh, clean taste to a bolder, more intense flavor. Our options come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. But when it comes to these wines, one thing is certain: you can’t go wrong. Each will deliver its own delicious benefits. Choose one and enjoy! 

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Albarino, Hawk Haven                  [750mL $24]
Aromas of nectarine, pomelo and grapefruit with notes of sea spray. On the palate tropical fruit of papaya, mango, and starfruit. Bright acidity and a citrus peel finish

Cayuga, Pinnacle Ridge Winery             [750mL $15]
The blue bottle wine. Fresh pear and peach aromas followed by some wonderful fruit cocktail flavors. Sip with your feet up by the pool while he cooks on the grill!

Barrel Chardonnay, Hawk Haven Winery             [750mL $20]
This barrel aged vintage is a harmonious balance of fruit and oak. On the nose – mango, white peach and pineapple with a creamy palate of toasted coconut, citrus blossom and pear. Finishes with hints of sweet fruit and lingering acidity and subtle creaminess.

Chardonnay, Paradocx Vineyards                  [750mL $19] [3.5L $45]
This Chardonnay has well-balanced acidity and mouth feel. A blend of specific clones in our vineyard, fermented and aged in French Oak barrels carries hints of apple, mandarin, and nutty flavors, with a pleasant buttery finish.

Dry Riesling, Pinnacle Ridge Winery                [750mL $15]
Grapefruit and minerals permeate the aroma of this crisp, light white.  This dry style of Riesling is perfect with sushi and other light fish dishes.

Dry Vidal, Pinnacle Ridge Winery                   [750mL $15]
If you enjoy Pinot Grigio, you’ll love this lovely, dry white wine. Delicate pink gold hues highlight the floral aromas inside. Our Pinnacle Ridge Dry Vidal fruit was fermented entirely in stainless steel resulting in a crisp white wine. Delicious with seafood, salads or any light fare. Excellent white wine for a cocktail party.

Flying Press White, Hawk Haven Winery                [750mL Bottle $15, 375mL Cans $8.99]
If you enjoy Pinot Grigio, you’ll love this lovely, dry white wine. Delicate pink gold hues highlight the floral aromas inside. Our Pinnacle Ridge Dry Vidal fruit was fermented entirely in stainless steel resulting in a crisp white wine. Delicious with seafood, salads or any light fare. Excellent white wine for a cocktail party.

Flying Press Red, Hawk Haven Winery                [375mL Cans $8.99]
A red table wine is meant to be light, fruit forward and easy drinking, and with the Flying Press Red that’s exactly what you get. We think this red is easy enough to enjoy on its own but if you’d like to pair it with food it is delightful as a pizza or pasta wine. Cherry, pomegranate and cinnamon stick on the nose followed by smooth notes of cinnamon, raspberry, red cherry and a touch of vanilla on the palate. Short clean finish filled with light oak tannins and lingering notes of baker’s chocolate and clove.

Gruner Veltliner, Pinnacle Ridge Winery             [750mL $18]
Subtle notes of white and green peppercorn are balanced by ripe citrus on the nose. A rich texture, coupled with a lingering finish, make this wine a perfect pairing for light appetizers and white meats.

Naked Chardonnay, Pinnacle Ridge Winery                     [750mL $15]
Our Naked Chardonnay is aged entirely in stainless steel and does not exhibit the oak aromas and flavors often associated with Chardonnay. The wine displays aromas of apples, pears and banana and has a soft mouth-feel. This medium weight, dry white is perfect with simple chicken, pork and fish dishes.

Pinot Blanc, Paradocx Vineyards     [750 mL $19]
Aromas of peaches and apple with silky, fruity medium body and a mellow citrus and a nutty finish.

Pinot Grigio, Auburn Road Vineyards                   [750mL $18]
Auburn Road’s 2012 Pinot Grigio is a crisp, light white wine with beautiful fruit and a floral aroma. Fermented and aged in stainless steel. Pinot Grigio is terrific paired with all kinds of seafood. 88 Points (Highly Recommended!) and SILVER Medal from BTI Worldwide Wine Championship – Tasting Notes: “Pale silvery straw color. Delicate aromas of cinnamon pear tart with a crisp, dry-yet-fruity light body and a crunchy green apple and Meyer lemon finish.”  Winner of the SILVER Medal in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!

Pinot Grigio, Paradocx Vineyards                   [750mL $23]
Full-bodied dry white wine with aromas of green apples, dried fruits and floral blossom with citrus finish.

Pinot Grigio, Hawk Haven          [750mL $19]
As a classic style Pinot Grigio, this wine is fruity and easy-drinking. Bright lemon zest and grapefruit on the nose, accompanied by white peach and nectarine on the palate. The finish is clean and simple with hints of lemon zest.

Riesling, Hawk Haven Winery                      [750mL $19]
Aromas of citrus blossom, honeysuckle and lemon verbena. On the palate, pineapple and honeycomb. The finish is clean and subtle with strong notes of ginger and orange blossom.

Riesling, Pinnacle Ridge Winery                  [750mL $15]
This classic grape of Germany renders a slightly sweet, fruity white wine. Fresh mango, peach and melon aromas leap from the glass followed by a balance of crispness and sweetness. Our Riesling is a great accompaniment to German style cooking (2% residual sugar). 2013 PA Farm Show Medal Winner!

Sauvignon Blanc, Hawk Haven Winery                  [750mL $22]
A new wine for the Hawk Haven label, this Sauvignon Blanc is sure to please any palate. Notes of green apple, gooseberry and melon on the nose leads into a palate of Meyer Lemon, star fruit and kiwi. It finished with bright acidity and lingering citrus.

Sole´, Auburn Road Winery            [750mL $15]
Sole (Pronounced So –lay!) Galileo famously observed that wine is “Sunlight caught in a bottle”. That is a perfect description, and the source of the name, of our Sole. Made from Vidal Blanc grapes,Sole is a semi –dry white wine with a touch of effervescence. A great bottle to bring to a clam bake at the beach. Terrific with Thai food, spicy dishes, light fish like flounder and would be would be wonderful with lobster and other shell fish.

Traminette, Pinnacle Ridge Winery              [750mL $15]
Gewurztraminer is one of the parents of Traminette and it sure shows! Stick your nose in the glass and float away on a bed of roses. This medium bodied, soft white lingers in the mouth with a beautiful floral finish. Our Traminette pairs perfectly with exotic cuisines.

Vidal Blanc, Paradocx Vineyards              [750mL $19]
Zesty and complex aromatics of tropical fruits with a floral finish combined with flavors like lemon, pineapple and pear.

Viognier, Harvest Ridge Winery              [750mL $25]
Full-bodied wine with a lush, soft character. Notes of peach, pear, violets and minerality.

‘The White Bottle’, Auburn Road Vineyards               [750mL $30]
An aromatic and vibrant Chardonnay with a creamy mid-palate and emphasis on pure mouthwatering fruit and acidity.  Fermented in stainless steel and aged in French oak barrels.  Goes great with Savoy Truffle, Glass Onion, or Wild Honey Pie.

Whitewash, Paradocx Vineyards            [750mL $15; 3.5L $40]
Medium body white with generous aromas and flavors of apple, citrus, grass & mineral. Special blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Vidal. A good partner for spicy foods or enjoyed on its own.  Available in a standard 750 ml bottle or our fun 3.5 liter paintcan package.

Yield, Paradocx Vineayards      [750mL $25]
This estate grown golden straw colored wine has aromas of jasmine, white peach, and grapefruit. A medium to full body wine with an elegant acidity, almond, peach, lime and grapefruit.

  • Delivery available in Philadelphia city limits. $25 flat delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.