Wine IQ Mini Series

Wine IQ Mini Series with Dan ‘The Wineman’

We are taking one of our most popular wine classes and turning it into a three part series to really dig deep into the world of wine. Learn how to choose, taste and enjoy your wine like a pro!

Wine IQ Mini Series Part 1: The Art of Tasting

We are born knowing how to drink but we need to learn how to properly taste. Learn the difference between drinking a glass of wine and truly tasting the wine. Join us for a guided tasting of 5 wines and learn the secrets of how to taste like an expert. You will be trained on techniques to get the most from every sip.

Each participant will receive a flavor wine wheel and a list of popular tasting vocabulary words. You are sure to leave this class not only knowing how to get the most satisfaction from every taste but how to sound like you really know what you’re talking about!

TICKETS $45/person

Wine IQ Mini Series Part 2: Varietals

Merlot, Riesling, Cabernet … the grape varietal used is one of the main factors in determining the flavor profile of a wine. Taste 5 of the most popular grape varietals around the world and learn what makes each one special. Learn the difference between Old World and New World wines, and single varietals vs blends. Hear about trends in the modern wine industry and a bit of history as well.

TICKETS $35/person

Wine IQ Mini Series Part 3: Regions

Bordeaux, Napa, Rioja … what makes wine from a particular region taste the way it does? Learn about the influence of climate, soil and harvest season on a wine. How does a winemaker techniques’ in the art of winemaking effect the wine? We’ll discuss that too! Discover our favorite up-and-coming wine regions as you taste 5 of the most classic styles from around the world.

TICKETS $35/person

Buy all three classes in the series in one purchase and save $15!

TICKETS $100/person